Dear friends,


I recently felt drawn to a quote by Pema Chodron published by A Network for Grateful Living:

Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. Why? Because it is all we ever have.

The challenge is we live like we could or should repeat the past or find ourselves constantly stuck in anxiety around our future. But what if we were to acknowledge the totality of the truth of Pema’s statement?

There is an inherent dynamism in present moment not available otherwise. Our existence is not passive, nor stagnant, we are always evolving, dissolving, forever changing. Being awake to this dynamic flow means we are aware of our evolution without being in battle with it. To be fully in an exchange with the present world around us takes stepping out of our heads and dropping down into our hearts. This allows us to tend to that which is at hand; centers us; and brings us into a regenerative flow in our efforting.

For me as an intuitive healer, this includes being aware of the guidance coming from across the veil between earth and spirit. It means being aware of the voices of non-human species. I can’t walk through the garden without hearing the plants calling for my attention. It means being awake to the call of birds and other wildlife. I’m aware that even the walls of our homes, the energy we live around has a personality and memory all its own. Finding the pulse, the rhythm of All that exists, takes being present and fully invested in this very moment.

Have you never been stopped in your day’s activities because this magical world suddenly reveals what we are living in? Have you ever noticed the vibrancy of ongoing dialogue between all God’s creatures? You, suddenly so tuned in, notice there is even a change of light. “Blinded by the light” is a daily event when we are engaged in the wonder and awe of present moment.

Living our lives focused on memories means we are missing the grandeur of what the world wants to reveal to us right now. Living in anxiety about the future eliminates this opportunity as well. Being willing to Be Present doesn’t mean we never plan ahead, set goals, or review what has occurred. It just means we don’t stay there.

A primary way I return to present moment is by living with a blessing on my lips. Each morning I bless my altar and all the guides who show up for me. I bless the directions as I call myself to them. I bless the lives of my family, loved ones, friends, clients; their work, their challenges, their lessons. In walking the property, I acknowledge other life forms and their beauty. Even in starting my car, I thank it for its service, carrying me safely, and for the safety of others I pass. Blessing allows me to truly know how precious and alive the world is.

You’ll find below details about Blessing classes starting up soon. Come join me and discover for yourself how this practice helps us attend to all that life brings our way.

I wish you a very Happy New Year and may you too be “blinded by the light” of walking awake in and to this wondrous world.