(I don’t intend to blog often as there are only so many hours in our days to read and catch-up and I want to respect your time. Therefore, I plan to write once each month on each topic: Food, Health, & Spirituality)

Some days we simply find ourselves disconnected, feeling like we don’t belong in this world. And even though the truth is we are still part of the Unity of the Whole, the felt sense is aligned with separateness. It is then that I get out my journal and ask myself −

 What causes me to close up, to enfold into myself?  

The answers often surprise me. But what I’d like to share is the process I use to bring light back to my spirit:

Pick one thing that closes you down. Are you hanging on to words your parents inadvertently said years ago? Are you clinging to an embarrassing comment by a co-worker who really wasn’t thinking about you at all? Are you savoring a hurtful comment and allowing it to steal your peace? Bring it to mind and allow yourself to feel it fully. Then, slowly bring your hands up to cover and comfort your heart.  Sit with that…

Bring another thought that closes you down. Feel it fully. Then, smile, gently smile. Notice what happens for you…

Bring a third thought to mind that closes you down. Feel it fully as well. Then think of tender words you could speak to yourself…such as calling yourself a name that is near and dear to your heart (dear one, sweetie, a nickname from a loved one, etc.,) Speak to yourself with compassion. Try it and notice how you feel.

What was that like for you? Sometimes a scenario we are working through just seems so unfair. It is then helpful to remember we can ask unseen guides to send compassion and love ‘for’ us and ‘through’ us to other parties involved because—we are not quite capable. Yet holding on to anger and sadness only creates unnecessary suffering, so it is important to recover our light and spirit as soon as possible. Being tender toward ourselves is a first step.