Kathryn Lafond
Kathryn LafondAuthor - Spiritual Guide - Chef

About Kathryn Lafond

My mission:

  • To build gratitude for the sacred nature of life
  • To inspire belief in one’s ability to heal
  • To re-build trust in the innate wisdom of the body
  • To support those who are willing to take responsibility for their personal journey

How I affect change?

By Speaking out for the greater health of our body/mind/spirits as well as the health of our planet.

By creating sacred Ceremony and by honoring life’s passages as well as rituals for setting intentions.

By working one on one utilizing Intuitive Energy Healing/Health Coaching to delve in and beyond the physical, to examine what might need to be cleaned out of the energy fields on all levels revealing root causes of illness and dis-ease.

By offering small group or individual Classes that include a wide range of centering practices; an introduction to coming into a new vision of how to live in relationship with the Earth through foraging, preparing food, and loving self-care; and by exploring the conversation of what ‘greater nourishment’ might include.

By offering inspirational Music to enhance one’s connection to our humanness as well as the Holy; to the Earth and to the Divine…

In Gratitude

I am honored to have received training from a wide variety of extraordinary masters, teachers, and mentors, such as:

  • Christina Donnell, Winds of Change Association, – Deep Inquiry/Omnipresent Body/Shamanism/Unitive Life
  • Bev Ogilvie — Energy Enlightenment Technique (mentored by Master Mantak Chia); included Emotional Intuitive training
  • Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D. and co-teacher Mark Dunn, N.D — Matrix Energetics; quantum healing work
  • Chloe Wordsworth, LAC — (Holographic) Resonance Repatterning, uncovering coherent and incoherent patterns
  • Dr. Jessica Bear — Bach Flower Remedies; studying the subtle energy bodies, kinesiology, and consciousness of the plant world
  • Cha Das Ska Dum Whichtalum and my many mentors in Native American teachings plus Wise Woman Herbalist training
  • Libby Kresky — Astrology
  • LeeAnn Gibbs — Master Coach in Developing Human Potential and Leadership
  • Imam Jamal Rahman – Sufi spirituality and Interfaith teachings