Seasoned with Gratitude: 250 Recipes & Blessings


Seasoned with Gratitude includes a wealth of whole-food recipes, from breakfasts through desserts, each accompanied by a blessing or teaching of gratitude. In Seasoned with Gratitude, you’ll discover relationships between the energy of a plant or animal and ourselves; explore nutritional benefits that renew health and wholeness; and learn about sustainable food sources while avoiding marketing myths about food.

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I encourage a return to remembering the sacredness of life and to honoring the earth and all her inhabitants. With your purchase you’ll be reminded that to eat is the everyday necessity that insists that life and death meet one another in order for nourishment to take place. We are all participants in this transformation—that no food comes to us without this conversation occurring.

My experiences as a chef, caterer, herbalist, homemaker, intuitive healer, and health coach have given me a unique perspective that I hope will inspire a renewed interest in cooking and gratitude for all that is given.

I thank you now for your purchase and wish you all gratitude in your nourishment.

–Kathryn Lafond

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