Welcome to the beginning of the Season of Lughnasadh, the Autumn quarter of the year that brings us to the physical harvest and preparations for winter months ahead. This busy season is a time of maturation both in the crops we are harvesting and the inner spiritual work we turn to before entering the dark months. It is a period of human growth, to acknowledge what we have gleaned and carry forward and what we are to leave to the compost heap. I am reminded that nothing is truly lost for fertile soil is built from the transformation that occurs.

In the book Celtic Devotional, author Caitlin Matthews shares activities for the Autumn Months:

  • Practice your knowledge, learn new subjects, relate new information to your existing store of wisdom.
  • Be aware of the leaders and guardians who have protected the pathways of compassion by their sacrifice or action, and incorporate aspects of their example into your own lifestyle.
  • Walk and meditate outdoors for at least fifteen minutes daily.
  • Identify plants and trees by their Autumn color and find out about their habitats and qualities.

           I am a lover of all that these months offer – the abundant fruits and wild berries, the great changes in weather from chilly nights to high midday heat, the desire to learn new skills, the fragrant wafts I take in on walk-abouts – there is just so much beauty to live for! And each of you are part of that beauty. While aware of the work we all have to bring justice to our society and to our world, may we continue to take in the sensuousness of the radiant wonders we live amongst.