Kathryn is an entertaining and down to earth speaker for your annual meetings, conferences, talks, and training. She is also available to do live cooking demonstrations. Depending on the setting, her teachings may include the inspirational, meditational, and instructional. Her work is known in businesses, churches, park district classes, inspirational conferences, women’s groups, and as well as through a co-led series of spirituality classes called Journey of Trust.
Her newest talks include – The Many Ways to Nourish Ourselves and Life, Death, and the Transformation of Eating

Here are just a few of the topics Kathryn has spoken on:

  • Co Creating – Swimming in an Informed World with Many Realities

  • The Product is Love, The Price is Forgiveness
  • Lighten-up: Releasing the Baggage as We Move into the Season of Darkness
  • The Importance of Relationships, Both in the Seen and Unseen
  • The Beauty of Contrasts – Our Need for “Other” & a Return to Oneness

  • The Challenge of Spiritual Growth

  • Am I Willing to Embrace the God Within

  • Our Shadow is God Too

  • Ground, Connect, & Soar – Meditation

  • Wild Plants and Medicines – A Series

  • Celebrating the Harvest Herb Walk

  • Tinctures, Vinegars and Infusions: Preparing the Harvest

  • Singing Through the Wheel of the Year

  • Exploring Self Care: Rejoice & Love Your Body

  • Exploring Self-Care: Feed the Body, The Energetics of Food

  • Exploring Self-Care: Tools for Trusting the Dynamic Healer Within

  • Exploring Self Care: Emergency First Aide – The Wise Woman Way

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