In working with many hundreds of clients over the past 20 years I’ve seen innumerable life challenges find resolve. From having a 300-pound man suddenly have his deflated lung fill; to having a woman’s back pain disappear; or the case of a woman who arrived in deep despair over the death of the love of her life and found the flame within growing stronger in each session by realizing she wasn’t walking alone. Instant healing isn’t always the result because it isn’t always what’s in your highest good. Pain is a messenger and our job is to decipher the message and let the messenger go.

I am a shamanic practitioner – a highly trained Energy Healer and Intuitive who focuses on the conversation of the Divine Knowing within each of us. The Knower within you has the answers to your health issues, your emotional imbalances, and your mental diseases. Helping you to open to that conversation and to learn to listen is the most important aspect of my work. This work took on even greater depth after journeying through my own life threatening health crisis in 2002.

So much more is possible than what is addressed in mainstream medicine.  A Healing Team is often needed. Here is what I can help you with…

  • Decipher the ‘conversation’ your body is trying to have with you into words you can hear
  • Uncover unconscious language toward your body that may be the holding pattern – the WHY you continue to experience a health challenge
  • Track root causes of chronic and debilitating illness
  • Offer spiritual and practical guidance through readings from your ‘guides’
  • Be the Health and Food Researcher – Guide you to data on remedies, foods, and practitioners who can best engage and nourish your body back to health
  • Up-date your Astrology chart transits to discover what planetary shifts may be either aiding your challenge or bringing potential relief

2 Hour Initial Consulting Session

  • Private Intuitive Energy Healing & Health Consulting sessions are available in person or by phone

1.5 hour Consulting Session

  • 1 Hour Sessions are available for $95
What I love about Kathryn is that she helps you through the healing process and gives you the tools you need to be an active participant in your health and whatever challenges you are experiencing.
Julie B.
I have found the work that we do together to be insightful, healing, and extremely positive. Kathryn has a beautiful, compassionate spirit that radiates through her. Our sessions prove to be helpful long after the session is over.
Dru G.
Kathryn Lafond has extremely fine healing abilities on all levels. Her holistic and spiritual approaches have been powerful in supporting my own healing. I highly recommend her for those who are looking for deep and profound shifts in their lives.
Kathy B.
I have to tell you that it was the work with you with the body talk that provided the key to my healing this time.
Kay B.

I didn’t get a chance to report back, but our last session together was a breakthrough with my neck pain.  It was pretty amazing.  I was sore for a couple of days, but ever since that session I’ve been getting better and better every day.   Thank you doesn’t even begin to express how I feel about that!

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